Welcome to Premium Custom Coolrooms for your home!

OzCoolrooms and Winerooms supply and installs premium domestic coolrooms and wine rooms which can also be custom built to any shape or size. They not only look great but are practical and energy efficient.

For over 26 years, we have been working with Architechts, Designers and quality Builders to help our clients create a totally integrated and discreet look in their Kitchen or Alfresco.

Our coolrooms are practical for everyday use as well as entertaining. You can store anything and everything you can in a normal fridge or dry pantry – cereals, cans, meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and even dry foods such as our and sugar – no more bugs! Plus, food will always last longer and keep fresher than in a conventional fridge. We call it Cool Living!

When it comes to entertaining, the cool rooms are perfect for bulk drinks, salad platters and trays of fruit. We call it Cool Entertaining!

The wine cabinets, wine rooms and the wine cellars are even more special. Complete with a glass door, they can also be fully integrated into your cabinet work. They work on high humidity and keep your wine at a constant (but adjustable) temperature. We call this this wine with style!

All our coolrooms & winerooms come from Norway using Nortcool and Thermocold technolog, both renowned for its quality and efficiency. They are pre-built units for easy assembly or can also be custom built to any size They can be delivered to all major cities and regional areas - Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Tasmania as well as New Zealand. Our offering is unique

  • Specially designed for residential homes
  • Fully integrated to match your cabinet work
  • Quiet as a normal fridge (40 decibels)
  • Super efficient with running costs from under $90 a year!
  • NO plumbing or drainage required
  • Hardly requires any cleaning or maintenance
  • Requires only a standard single phase 10A power point

Our passion is to help you create that extra WOW in your home. We work with you, your Architecht, your designer, your builder, your cabinet maker and even your electrician so your coolroom or wineroom looks part of the build. The earlier we are involved in your design, the more practical your investment can be.

We replaced 5 fridges with an Oz Coolroom and found entertaining a breeze since no time shuffling the food and drinks. Large fruit platters are easily made, stored perfectly and are neverforgotten. Our farmer family that are regular guests can have their stock up shop delivered straight into the coolroom to keep fresh until they are ready to go. The wine and beer are always chilled the fruit vegetables fresh, plenty of cheese platter features and those pesky pantry moths don’t stand a chance.