Cool Convenience – A Walk-in fridge



A walk-in fridge that gives you Cool Convenience. Our coolrooms are like your normal fridge but  much bigger so you can walk in to them. You can store anything and everything you do in a normal fridge and dry pantry including flour, rice etc. No more bugs! Imagine the convenience of putting all your heavy shopping bags in the walkin fridge as soon as you enter the Kitchen and sorting them out later at your leisure.

• Capacities from 1,000 litres (= 3fridges) to 7,000 litres (=20 fridges)
• Low temperature levels (3 to 12°C)
• Low energy consumption and running costs (<$90/year)
• Noise level is less than a normal fridge (only 40 decibels)

•Requires no plumbing
• Maintenance free with automatic defrosting
• Modular design for easy assembly or Custom built
• Powered by a standard single phase 10A power point

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