Custom WineCellar



A Custom (Walk-in) WineCellar from is the ultimate for the wine storage. You can store your reds and whites at a constant temperature and humidity levels – a must for effective storage.

With over 25 years experience in purely residential homes, each WineCellar is custom built on site to any shape or size. All are unique and require no plumbing or drainage and hardly require any cleaning as condensation never builds up. The WineCellaris very efficient with low running costs, operating at low temperatures and quiet as a normal fridge.

The beauty of the specially imported nordic spruce inside the WineCellar adds to the ambience of your wine collection. It comes with a glass door as standard and can be further enhanced with double glazed window into the WineCellar.

Cool highlights:

  • Specially built for residential homes for the wine connoisseur
  • Custom built on site to any shape or size
  • Built using quality materials and components from Norway
  • Imported nordic spruce inside creates that special ambience
  • Full insulation to all walls, ceilings and floor using special spruce lining
  • Discreet cooling unit can be on an internal wall
  • Can be integrated into your cabinetry for a seamless look
  • Quiet as a normal fridge (40 decibels)
  • Running costs of less than $90 a year (standard 10A power point)
  • No plumbing or drainage required
  • No condensation build up means no cleaning
  • glass door included and viewing panels available
  • Pre sales support – we work with your Architecht, Designer, Builder and Cabinet maker
  • Installation on site in Perth and WA country
  • Complete after sales support and 2 year warranty

The beauty of natural Norway Spruce

Our custom WineCellars are unique as we use Norway Spruce specially imported from Scandinavia. Spruce has no odour that can get into the wine. Our WineCellars work on high humidity so spruce in its natural state absorbs the moisture and releases it back into the WineCellar, a so called breathing effect. This effect also ensures there is very little cleaning required as there is no condensation build up inside. Any spills can be cleaned up using soap and water. The use of spruce along with quality insulation and our construction methods, means our WineCellars are very efficient to run and require very little maintenance.