The range of Walk-in WineRooms are perfect for your wine collection as wine can be stored at a constant (but adjustable) temperature of between 10 to 20 degrees.

The WineRooms are designed to create that extra WOW in your home. They can be fully integrated by your cabinet maker for that seamless look with the glass door adding that extra ambience. You also have the flexibility to install your own shelving.

All models are pre-built in Norway by Thermocold and can be delivered anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. Each unit comes complete with everything you need to get set up within a couple of hours – insulated panels, floor, ceiling, glass door, LED light as well as an efficient cooling unit that requires no drainage. The WineRooms are quiet as your normal fridge with low running costs at under $90 a year.

Choose from any of the six models to suit your requirements and budget. All our walk-in type and capacity ranges from 2,500 litres to over 7,000 litres.

Cool highlights:

  • Specially designed for residential homes
  • Able to be integrated into your cabinet work for a seamless look
  • Adjustable but constant temperature of 10 to 20 degree C
  • Quiet as a normal fridge (40 decibels)
  • Highly efficient with running costs of less than $90 a year
  • No plumbing or drainage required
  • Powered by a standard single phase 10A power point
  • All six WineRooms modelsare Walk-in
  • Flexibility to add your own shelving
  • Capacities range from 2,500 litres to over 7,000 litres
  • Pre built insulated panels for all walls, floor and ceiling
  • Glass door as standard
  • Pre sales support – we work with your Architecht, Designer, Builder and Cabinet maker
  • Delivery to all states – WA, VIC, NSW, QLD, ACT, SA, NT, TAS as well as NZ
  • Complete after sales support and 2 year nationwide warranty