Vintageview WineRacks

Welcome to VintageView

The VintageView are designed as a premium wine racking system to showcase your collection and completes our range of winerooms and wine cellars.

Unlike a traditional (cork-forward) design (where you see the cork and foil in a display), VintageView created the ‘label-forward’ system in 2001 and moved the industry forward. With VintageView racking, you can see the label. This not only showcases the bottles with all its designs, but makes the display into an interesting feature to create that WOW in your home. Just as importantly, the VintageView makes it easier to find your favourite bottle.

The VintageView patented design from USA is constructed from high-quality steel with a powder coated finish. The proprietary mounting systems allow for easy installation into just about any wall surface including brick, concrete and timber.

Cool highlights

  • Unique (label forward) system showcases your collection and makes it easier to find any bottle
  • Choice of height - 9 bottle high (914mm high) or 12 bottle high (1219mm high)
  • 9 bottle high, racks can be 1 deep (=9 bottles) , 2 deep (=18 bottles) or 3 deep (=27 bottles)
  • 12 bottle high, racks can be 1 deep (=12 bottles) , 2 deep (=24 bottles) or 3 deep (=36 bottles)
  • Racks available to showcase Magnum Bottles (holds 9 or 18 bottles and either 1 or 2 deep)
  • Racks available for Double Magnum, Jerobaom or Imperial bottles (holds 4 bottles)
  • Racks are modular so you can effectively have floor to ceiling display or display a small area.
  • Presentation rack to showcase 9 bottles across the wall also available


Vintageview Wall Series and Presentation Pack